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© Prem Rawat FoundationPrem Rawat, known also by the honorary title Maharaji, has travelled the world for four decades, inspiring people to find peace within.

His message is simple and profound. It is independent of and compatible with any philosophy, religion, or spiritual path. At the UN Conference Centre in Bangkok, he said, “Peace needs to be in everyone’s life. The peace we are looking for is within. It is in the heart, waiting to be felt. It is not the world that needs peace; it is people. When people in the world are at peace within, the world will be at peace.”

Words of Peace Global are an international charitable foundation inspired by the words of Prem Rawat. We share his conviction that peace is a fundamental human need. We offer a message that peace is possible and we provide resources to help those who wish to pursue it.


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Homepage of Cathy Hopkins (my sister), best-selling author of:

In the MATES, DATES series:

Mates, Dates & Inflatable Bras; Mates, Dates & Cosmic Kisses; Mates, Dates & Portobello Princesses; Mates, Dates & Sleepover Secrets; Mates, Dates & Sole Survivors; Mates, Dates & Mad Mistakes; Mates, Dates & Pulling Power; Mates, Dates & Sequin Smiles; Mates, Dates & Tempting Trouble; Mates, Dates & Great Escapes; Mates, Dates & Chocolate Cheats; Mates, Dates & Diamond Destiny

And in the TRUTH, DARE KISS OR PROMISE series:

White Lies & Barefaced Truths; Pop Princess; Teen Queens & Has-Beens; Starstruck; Double Dare; Midsummer Meltdown

And the three NEW series: ‘Cinnamon Girl’; & ‘Zodiac Girls,’ & ‘Million Dollar Mates’.

And don’t forget: Dead Dudes



Homepage of the late Billy Hopkins (my father), author of six best-selling books (in the order they should be read): Tommy’s World; Kate’s Story; Our Kid; High Hopes; Going Places; Anything Goes; Whatever Next! and his final book, ‘Big Mama’.




Dr. Stephen Hopkins spent many years as a musician with the occasional foray into plumbing as a first career whilst he currently works as a research physicist, on a perennial post-doc, at Durham University cooling atoms with lasers. He also has a third spare-time career as a self-styled fountaineer, designing and manufacturing innovative illuminated water features.



Find Paul J. Hopkins (@SmartArtsPlus) on Twitter:

“Photographer; Artist; Keen Gardener; Flight Sim Addict; Boomerang Enthusiast. Born in Kenya. Raised in England, Rhodesia, Scotland & Malaŵi. Educated everywhere”

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Caroline Channing lives and works in the North West of England, based in Chorlton, Manchester. She makes stained glass windows to order and also carries out repairs and renovations. She also makes decorative items from fused glass and can incorporate fused glass pieces into stained glass windows. Please browse through her website using the 'previous'/'next' arrows and feel free to contact her with any comments or enquiries you may have.



“Picking Sides” by Bernard Kelly is a series of paintings that puts our national game centre stage and acknowledges some of the teams, players and managers who’ve left their mark on the history of the English game. All done in a style that owes more to “Roy of the Rovers” than Roy Lichtenstein.

Bernard Kelly is a writer, artist and musician. As a musician Bernard achieved his highest visibility on Top Of the Pops in September 1978 when he was Gordon the Moron who won the heart of Julie from arch rival Jilted John. Bernard Kelly is also a renowned ukulele virtuoso.


Useful Resources:



This is the Garden Safari - Hania's and Hans' pages on wild life in their garden with lots of pictures! I have found their site to be invaluable in helping me to identify the various insects and bugs I have photographed.



This Wild Flower Finder (by Roger Darlington) is currently being built, but is a great place to find that flower you photographed but have no idea what it is. At the moment, there are not a great number of flowers in it, but they are being added weekly, sometimes daily. I hope you like the layout. The few wild flowers that are presently in here are growing daily due to liberal watering.



And finally, a big thank you goes out to where I source a lot of the quotations used on my site!